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Baker Tilly is pleased to present SurveyNavigator™ - the most accurate and reliable pay and benefits resource on the web.

With SurveyNavigator™, you can obtain salary and benefits data for more than 200 position titles in seconds.  Analyze salary and benefits data without the time-intensive collection process of the past.

We developed SurveyNavigator™ with one goal in mind - to assist organizations of all sizes in obtaining current and accurate salary and benefit data quickly, easily and affordably.

As compensation professionals with over 28 years of experience, we know how important it is to leverage your human capital assets and to be able to rely upon compensation information in making important decisions. Now, the data you need to assist in this process is at your fingertips thanks to SurveyNavigator™.

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Key Features
  • 24 hour access to salary and benefits information.
  • Instantly compare salaries to those of other organizations.
  • Quickly obtain the percentage difference between a paid position in your organization in comparison to similar positions in other organizations.
  • Forecast salaries for positions in your organization based on the current market trend analysis by aging the results of average salary data to a specified effective date.
  • Easily download data search results to Excel.
  • Save search criteria for later analysis.